Olivia’s Fall


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One after another, Olivia’s days blur together. The never-ending procession of monotony in her dead-end job leaving her hollow and lonely. The only thing that brings her any joy is her beloved hound, Nims. When a savage beating leaves them at death’s door, a mysterious stranger gives them a new life full of questions and an insatiable thirst for blood.

Running from her parents and their pastor, she leaves everything but Nims behind.

Including the country of her birth. She stops running in Scotland after finding a magical community she can learn from. Just when she starts to feel like this is the place she could fit in, her mortal life comes back to haunt her. Secrets she never knew threaten to destroy her and the community she loves. Olivia will have to fight to keep the one thing she wanted most and never thought she would have, family.


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