Olivia’s Prison


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*THIS IS A PREORDER – the book is set to release September 15th at the latest. If you preorder here, you’ll get it before then. But I can’t say exactly when because it depends on when everything is done.*


Trapped in a castle with him, my life is no longer the only thing in danger of being lost.

Deception and danger are everywhere but the biggest threat is Callum. I finally found my family and now the vampire courts have ripped me away from them. My only comfort is the knowledge that my beloved Nims is at home, where her secret is safe. Callum turned me and now he thinks he owns me just because the court said I must serve a year with him before they’ll even think about letting Roman’s family adopt me into theirs. I hate him, but the sparks between us are undeniable and he is my only protection from his family. My only chance of making it home alive is staying close to him, the one person I need to avoid at all costs.


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